To become the best, be supported by the best

Official partners

We are very fortunate to have some amazing premium partners on board with Riot to enhance our offering to our clients. These partners are not simply a discount code, they are part of the Rioter family and we care about our relationship with them.

Our title partners for 2024 include:

    • Santini

    • The Magic 5

    • Precision Fuel & Hydration

    • Omius

    • Pelotan

    • Matt Bottrill

    • Monkey Sox

We work closely with long term friend Matt Bottrill and have access to premium bike fitting slots with him at his studio in Coalville, Leicestershire at reduced rates for Rioters.

Santini’s history is full of word firsts – these are important steps that consistently reinforce our dedication to creating the finest clothing possible, all of it handmade in Italy:

THEMAGIC5 creates custom fit swimming goggles, made to measure the unique contours of your face.

Since they’re specific to your facial contours, you don’t need suction to keep them leak-proof. That means goodbye, goggle marks and hello, comfort.

Crush your next race with a personalised fuel & hydration plan.


Omius technology amplifies the body’s natural cooling mechanism, keeping you cool, comfortable, and performing at your best.

High Performance Sun Protection For Athletes

Pelotan is high-performance sun protection designed specifically to improve performance, maximise comfort and allow athletes to avoid costly sunburn.

Trusted by Grand Tour Winners, Olympic Gold Medallists, IRONMAN World Champions and multiple World, European and National Champions across various sports.

Professional Bike Fitting & Custom Bike Builds

The MBPC Professional Bike Fit is designed to maximise your potential through fine tuning aerodynamics and power output.

We do this through using everything we have learned over the enhancement of aerodynamics within cycling and implementing this into your fit, which takes place at our workshop in Coalville, near Leicester. For riders unable to attend our workshop, we are also able to offer an online bike fit or virtual bike fit too.


Monkey Sox are designed to be odd but co-ordinated. This represents how the body acts and feels different left to right when living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Innovation and quality are at the heart of Monkey Sox designs; quality is paramount. Our technical yarns and constructions allow you to enjoy the benefits of optimal comfort and support so you can focus on your best performance yet.