“I first reached out to Matt just over three years ago. I had just purchased a bike during covid, considered myself an average runner and had zero ability in the water. (Except pedalling up to grab my surf board the odd time I tried to surf). I still had the competitive itch to scratch and thought triathlon was the sport I should try and get into.

After my first meeting with Matt I straight away saw his passion for the sport, and how his enthusiasm got him to where he was in the sport both competing and with his clients.

Since working with Matt, what changes and improvement I’ve seen in myself as an athlete have been what I can only describe as just short of unbelievable. Matt isn’t just a coach that writes a programme and asks you to follow it. He’s meticulous in his programming, making every session tailored to me individually and this has really helped me to improve.

Not only is Matt great at what he does in regards to his knowledge in writing up personalised training programmes, but on the mental side of things, he’s really had an impact on me and made me believe in myself when honestly sometimes I thought some things were unachievable. Having a coach that really believes in his athletes and truly wanting them to succeed is something that I believe is rare!

Some achievement Matt has managed to get me to are things like..

– Being able to swim a 30 minute 70.3 swim.
– Running a sub 3 hour marathon
– Running a sub 1:20 half marathon
– Probably most significantly, getting me to the Ironman 70.3 world championships.

Amongst many other things.

Matt is a class act and I can’t thank him enough for his efforts.”