So I teamed up with Riot mid last year after I had left my old coach and team things just got boring and I was more friendly with my coach and this just led to the loss of drive and passion. When looking for a new coach I began to ask about who would be good to talk to and the name Riot kept popping up so I decided to send them an email and set up a call. 

After some brief conversation on Instagram Clare then sent me some questions to see whether I was the right fit for Riot and was Riot the right fit for me that I found very cool. 

Clare then recommended that I chat to a chap called Lawrence and that he was new to their fold and he was an ex Olympian. This raises my interest drastically to be the best you train with the best. Anyway Clare set up a call for me and Lawrence. 

The conversation went well. He asked me what I wanted and I said I want to start winning or at least start competing for top spot in my age group and for me this was a bold statement as I’m a bit of a joker and never took the sport too seriously. So fast forward a little and me and Lawrence are now coach / athlete combo and he starts setting out my training plans. I instantly see a change in the plan from what I’m used to so I just roll with it and just enjoy it. 

Lawrence is a very knowledgeable person who loves numbers but also has an old school way about him and this I find is amazing a coach that can work with numbers and loves the finer details and can break a plan down fairly easy for me to understand. I don’t have much interest in setting out plans of how and when I’m to peak – that’s Lawrence’s job and let me tell you the man knows how to do that. 

Previous to working with Lawrence my 70.3 times were all 6 hours + they are now 5.20s and more time to be taken of them. He has me ranked 3rd in my age category in the National Duathlon Championships here in Ireland so I think he knows what he is at. 

The best advice I can give anyone looking to change is chat to Clare and let her point you in the right direction cause Riot have me on the right path and Lawrence is hell bent on making me the athlete he believes I can be and who know 2024 might be a special year stay tuned!